Engineering and Exploitation of Energy Systems, Part-Time, Master, 2023

1 semester
1 EN507 Systems for Controlling and Automation of Energy Networks C 6
2 EN509 Specialised Systems for Electricity Transmission, Distribution and Conversion C 5
3 EN529 Operational Management of Energy Systems C 3
4 EN573 Technical Methods for Expert Evaluation of Substances, Materials and Products C 4
5 EN581 Methods of Engineering Research C 4
6 EN585 Mathematic Models in Engineering Research C 4
7 EN593 CAD/CAM/CAE Systems for Engineering Research C 4
8 EN578 Road Transport and Auto Technical Expertise E 4
2 semester
1 EN570 Economic Methods for Evaluation of Technical Systems C 4
2 EN582 Technical Expert Analysis of Mechanical Constructions C 4
3 EN584 Materials Reliability C 5
4 EN586 Emergency Modes of Power Electronic Converters C 4
5 EN592 Organisation of Rescue Operations in Natural Disasters and Industrial Accidents C 5
6 EN604 Forensic Engineering and Technical Expertise of Energy Systems C 4
7 EN539 Energy Efficiency of Electrical Systems E 4
8 EN574 Expertise of Electromagnetic Radiation E 4