Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Part-Time, Master, class 2015

1 semester
1 AD522 Administrative Procedures C 8
2 AD543 Customs Administration C 8
3 AD545 Customs-related Crime C 8
4 LW577 Tax Process C 6
2 semester
1 AD542 Customs Control and Customs Procedures C 8
2 AD544 Customs Investigation and Risk Analysis C 8
3 AD546 Administrative Penal Procedure C 6
4 IT504 Computerization of Administrative Documentation C 8

Basic scheme of the curriculum
Courses 60 credits
Graduation Thesis 15 credits
Summary 75 credits

The basic scheme of the curriculum provides for the accumulation of 60 credits per academic year, 30 per semester, acquired by compulsory and elective subjects.

Optional courses credits are over credits acquired in the main draw of the curriculum and not replace them.

Credits from two-semester courses is awarded after successful completion of the entire course.

Legend: C = Compulsory, E = Elective, O = Optional