Communication and Electronization for Renewable Energy Sources, Part-Time, Master, 2015

1 semester
1 EN503 Digital Signal Processing and Programming in Communications З 6
2 EN551 Regulations for Construction and Switching on Renewable Energy Sources З 4
3 EN553 Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources З 6
4 EN555 Renewable Energy. Wind Power Generators and Photovoltaics etc. З 5
5 EN557 Connecting Renewable Energy Sources to External Power Supply З 5
6 EN585 Mathematic Models in Engineering Research З 4
2 semester
1 EN552 Telecommunication Transmission Systems З 6
2 EN554 Design and Research of Power electronic converters for Renewable Energy Sources З 6
3 EN556 Management and Exploitation of Energy Carrier Systems З 6
4 EN558 Computer Systems for Management, Control and Monitoring of Renewable Energy Sources З 6
5 EN562 Analysis and Evaluation of the Energy Resources З 6